Enterprise stand 3 months ranking on the home page without reason analysis


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The Shanghai dragon, reflects the ability and technology is that we can use time and cost less to do more things, this is every Shanghai Longfeng workers need to master the basic principle of the. For enterprise stand for, many of the more powerful Shanghai Dragon Technology disdain, because it seems that optimization is relatively easy, but in real business station optimization details to reflect our Shanghai Dragon Foundation, another how to help enterprises to shorten the time to show the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon service cost is mentioned at the beginning the.

2, the website chain analysis

1, website

website: website internal use of a large number of nofollow, including the site navigation, and the home of some important links. Nofollow can indeed help spider we want the key to grab the page, but the page nofollow will cause too much weight "in too much loss, such as the weight of the website promotion is very unfavorable, will also have a great influence for the collection of some of the column page, for example, the site has knowledge of the industry and product introduction the columns, these columns page is more content, relatively important column, nofollow will make the search engine that this column is not important and not grasp, so for the site included certainly influence.

Analysis of the reasons for less included

if the website included issues out of the chain, then there is a need our attention is the website, which.

website is the biggest problem of the site, the station optimization is the foundation, if we worked hard to do hundreds of Web sites, but included only 50 or so, think oneself feel tired, let’s take a look at the history included. The combination of three stages together, basically included these three stages are the same:

has a friend to find me today, said their website to a network company Shanghai dragon, 3 months have not done up. The main keywords in the first four pages, this is a sad thing, and find the network company theory, is of course for a variety of reasons prevarication, this is the present situation of many Internet companies, there are two reasons: 1, do love Shanghai website promotion, website optimization for the interference, increase the website of Shanghai dragon the difficulty. (in fact love Shanghai will not have a lot of influence on Shanghai dragon opposite love Shanghai promotion may also bring some support to the site); 2, the site is the old name, are not included in the ideal 08-11 years before the suspected black hat Shanghai dragon caused the site to drop right before (in fact the enterprise did not what is Shanghai dragon, not to mention the excessive optimization). A friend asked me to help do a simple diagnostic analysis of Shanghai dragon, website ranking why so long not on the front page.

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