An example to tell you about the content update error

content is limited to text updates

Don’t update the

often do people tell you that Shanghai dragon "website must be updated every day". This is actually not necessary. My site is LOGO to do the design, and the resources are relatively scarce, adhering to the principle of patient. From site to site now for more than 2 years, but the content of hundreds, and most of the data are pre done more. Now there are good works to update, sometimes 1 months not update, also will not have any impact on the website.

love Shanghai strictly against the website content, content updates have become a big concern for many webmaster. That article is an important part of update website promotion, but the weight of the owners of limited manpower, and no effort to write so many original articles in a dilemma. Today, I use LOGO to design its own instance to tell you something about the content update error.


my website pictures even the Shanghai dragon often said "give text pictures and show that improving the original page of the province, and the results are ranked among the same effect. This is why? Because it is not necessary for users. The search engine that is no longer in the text to determine the quality of content era, who have come to see you all so empty false original article. Now the search engine greatly joined the user behavior records, such as residence time, user exit rate, the user’s return rate etc.. As long as the content of the website can retain users. Do not care whether the website updated more frequently, "


to the user We first look at the


said that the search engines don’t understand pictures, do not know JS, do not know FLASH, know only text. So, most people are all copies of other sites not to mind taking the trouble of the changes, and then put your own website. This is a picture based website too much to handle. If you look carefully at the LOGO design of my station, because it is the automatic generation system of pictures, content pages of each page in addition to the title, the difference between these 30 words and repeat the title of ALT or so, each page are basically the same. But you go to search every page, fell in love with the sea included well, many pages also become long term traffic sources.

website is just a rule: the value of

high frequency update is not necessary for


site in the search engine’s performance is really good, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools weight is 3. Many related keywords such as "free LOGO design", "free LOGO" and so on are all in the top three, the long tail keywords distribution is extensive, but I did not spend too much effort to update the content.

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