Quest love Shanghai index search index algorithm


This is not a hot news

rotten street, but the two different things in a

found that this master is on the rise list is ranked highly (ranked second), what is the matter? When we think impassability, usually "love Shanghai, I love Shanghai " this is the v-mobile: master

how people search


I take the recently popular keywords shared bicycle "Mobell" example:

entered the "demand map" search "Mobell", pull to the bottom of the page, see the list on the right, is the "search index" list.

so, I want to love, Shanghai is not a mistake, search for "Mobell" of Internet users, how can search master

here, I think the webmaster friends understand the basic, "search index" is not what we understand the "search index" is a related term heat index, but the "relevant" is how to calculate? "This" with "search habits"! Because neither the user search for "Mobell master", no one would search for "Mobell airbnb", here is the meaning of that is relevant, they repeatedly appear at the same time in the same article title (content), the resulting association. < >

will not explain. For the first word, I hit a big question mark? What is the relationship between the v-mobile, with master

index has always been valued and love love the webmaster, especially in trend analysis, keyword optimization, can provide a great reference value. Love Shanghai index includes: trend research, demand patterns, public opinion, insight into the crowd portraits in 4 categories. The more easy to understand, even if the initial contact with the owners, most of which can be known through the literal meaning and significance. So, this paper does not need it? The answer is No.

search index of demand;


then, I’ll click "fastest rising"

today, I tell you a love of it is easy to produce misunderstanding or ambiguity of the webmaster friends — "search Shanghai index index index". Path: >

, of a word, fourth bit airbnb, the search results are as follows:

Shanghai Association






we analyze the search results:

The above results can be understood by most of the



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