Shanghai dragon quick tips bold learning from competitors

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in the field of you in you, really understand this kind of industry should be how to do, how should the website of Shanghai Longfeng, you should be facing competition in this industry, they may have started very early, their website Shanghai dragon do are very perfect, whether it is the structure of the station, all kinds of label wording, content update the mechanism, or the external links of construction, they have done enough to mature, and have a certain competitive advantage. You have to learn from competitors from the station website, began to study the label, spend some time, some can benefit, he can dominate the top, there is very much worth learning from. This targeted very strong, effective and fast learning method will allow you to progress swiftly.

in Shanghai dragon industry, whether it is rookie or veteran, will encounter the bottleneck of their own, for a period of time feel Shanghai dragon is not smooth, but compared to the previous increase is not obvious, therefore, will be some agitated and confused. How to improve his skills? Should go to learn using what methods? Industry has not stopped development, has also been adjusted algorithm love Shanghai Google, Shanghai dragon emerge in an endless stream of small skills and more important operation dimension is also changing. Just a year ago but also love Shanghai know now is certainly not a skill, you must use the new skills to do some bad things "". Yes ah, Shanghai dragon industry came to contact people in and out, rookie industry veteran to improve, we accompanied by search engine optimization industry and constantly improve themselves, this process, if you stop learning, you will fall behind. I can rely on the Shanghai dragon hunfanchi most grateful is a competitor, starting from the rookie era, almost didn’t get great help, those websites of competitors, has taught me a lot, is my most loyal friend, is my best teacher, until now is also true……

Er then Shanghai dragon should be how to improve yourself? Especially how to quickly learn rookie Shanghai dragon and into combat? Perhaps some people say go to the forum to learn! Blog to learn! XX platform to see the article, or to participate in training. IMHO, others send the article now Shanghai dragon industry, really worth seeing articles may not have 5%, to participate in this training but also different views, I am not very love and resist, basic things myself spend some time soon can fix, the real thing to use or not to you. Or you can not understand, is training for a group, but also to the interests of reducing costs, rather than just a person around you. Study of Shanghai Longfeng answer I recommend in this article only one: learn the competition and to use your website.

what kind of competitors is worth learning? Also, I study well after can exceed his ranking? My technology will improve very quickly? Please, if you do Shanghai, afraid to face competition, but we can’t do that! First of all, since learned Shanghai dragon to do an industry key. The

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