Shanghai Longfeng record vibration diagnosis analysis Manulife corporate website share below



Analysis on

has no links to websites in other places exist, most of the time we all love weight than the first link transfer value, if I’m not mistaken, the correlation between the first link where the guide will be far behind than than the same link more, so my advice is, the first is the home page link "home" friend, can put the site name in front of it, try to put one, this is of great significance; in this website, we see the common home link as "home", while in the other pages are in accordance with the arrangement of the navigation bar, and no matter what.

which links to other pages link:


some of the "a" and "a", without any a link of affiliated transfer, therefore, we can observe the structure of the website is as follows,

link to the home page screenshot:



and the arrangement of observation of the long tail keywords, after all other pages but also we need to take control of the place, at this point, to observe the site found below

in an article in the Shanghai chronicle of vibration diagnosis of Longfeng Manulife corporate website to share (on) analysis, after the performance of URL and the diagnosis of here, will you see the site the other way down, if you help, then hope to have more exchanges, the diagnosis of a website the Shanghai Dragon itself is to understand their ideas and feelings website optimization.

third: Title website, and the long tail keywords arrangement


In addition to the

continue to observe the situation, general Feiyunjiang analysis of key words, is to see what a fixed link exists in each page, what are the key to guide, and the text itself, the link appears for the first time will be more important, then check out some useful links about the inside pages, found the situation is as follows.

to tell the truth, I don’t really love this title, because such titles to see, is the accumulation of a large number of keywords to live, a lot of the long tail word together, not the accumulation of cleverly interspersed with basic skills, this book is the relatively in Shanghai Longfeng Title production test. After the observation of Feiyunjiang itself the title, found that the site is around two key points, that is "shaker" and "feeder", these two keywords permutation and combination of the long tail, but when a large number of keywords are filled in title when only feel is messy, if you can speak these long tail keywords permutations and combinations of words, I believe that in itself would be more appropriate.

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