Search engine user experience more humane method of the title

as a webmaster, we have emphasized the importance of user experience. It is not only the Shanghai dragon ranking has a great relationship, but also directly affect the site’s conversion rate. The recently discovered love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, on a site’s ranking is heavily dependent on user stickiness. If your site does not provide the user with a friendly experience, so your site to get the favour of search engine, this probability is very small.

example, the title of the method directly affects the user experience. In Shanghai love to enter the keyword Shanghai dragon, the top ten sites in addition to love their products in Shanghai, and the remaining five or six sites. Shanghai dragon why we do analysis, is the old station for many years, has been ranked as steady as Mount Tai. Now we can find Chinaz webmaster query tool ranked in the first, the reason is probably related to the user’s click. It is not difficult to find, page 10 website, Shanghai dragon is a Chinaz tool, scarcity and utility instead of our search habits. Changing user needs, user clicks, frequent use, so love to Shanghai also ranked high.

understand this, it is not difficult to see that the title is written in the search engine optimization effect, actually this >

There are many factors that affect the user experience of

look at the following two sites, Shanghai dragon rookie forum and Zac blog. They look very close to the title of a sentence, it seems more love in the user. Unlike many titles, built a lot of keyword advertising is very strong. Even if this kind of website ranking, the user to click, the user experience is low, if things go on like this, will also be search engine drop right. Of course, the author only for the title of a lot of the site’s ranking is actually very important factors.

Here we use the

design, such as the speed of the site, page, breadcrumbs, website content etc.. Today I mainly talk about the website title and user experience, because users in the search, the first sight is the site title. All kinds of traditional word segmentation technology title is the key word, without considering the user experience. Just thinking about how to do the ranking, but eventually lead to a lot of website ranking can not be a long time, because the search algorithm tends to be perfect, to judge the quality of site increased in the user experience above. Open love Shanghai, enter a keyword. We found that some top ranked websites to flow, and no more than in the back row of traffic, perhaps because they write the title is not good enough, not enough to attract users to click. At the same time, we can find that the search engine more and more attention to the user click behavior on the site. This means more clicks, users love the site, users feel the value of the site, the weight of the search engine will give the site a higher, better ranking.


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