On raising the raising of Web site keywords ranking

: the first changes to the site keywords

website to keywords, website weight high search engine will soon recover, but may encounter love Shanghai 11, in this case you need to do: first, adhere to the original content to update the site, the quality of the content must be high, the update frequency is higher, the best is the day one. Don’t update a day too much, cause you don’t have time to update later. Secondly, to maintain the stability of the high quality of the chain, webmasters have ranked in the website, every day of the chain, today have more time to do something, sometimes sometimes of high quality, low quality, this will lead to the site outside the chain of quality is not stable, the number is not stable. Love Shanghai for such a phenomenon will interfere with the chain, so the stability of high quality is a must. Finally, don’t cheat, the search engine will be found cheating users, the user experience is not high site, love Shanghai intervention to 11, don’t buy black chain, also should always check the chain, remove unfriendly chain. Through the love of Shanghai 11, the site will be a basic stable.

third: find the weight of the chain

Internet Shanghai dragon competition is hot out, keywords electric consumption are also in the Internet community constantly spread. Check the keywords ranking, every day is always changing, but the first is not changed. The webmaster is how to do it, treat the web like are treated like children, to raise it, and today we will talk about the webmaster is how to raise the keyword ranking.

is actually going to participate in the competition, it is sure to change to the site keywords, many webmasters may ask, my site is stable, if change the keywords will not lead to the site was K, not updated snapshot, or correction? This is for sure, the search engine included your station, you have to change the keywords it also, there is a time to adapt to the site will be the problem is very normal. The change keywords have skills: a good location to change keywords, title, description, keyword, but it is important to keywords one-time change, change after you don’t move it, then there will be the website K, but you don’t want to change, waiting for search engine you update.

site to turn over the title, but also spent a search engine in the review period, the next step is to the chain to the site to find weight. First of all, from the beginning of the chain, the site keywords changed, before that chain and do keyword to change, the keywords in the other site do for now, increase the weight of keywords. The same increase and their web site keywords do friends chain, increase the user experience of the website, but also can increase the chain related. Secondly, the chain blog. Although the chain blog is not very awesome, the search engine will give you count is a chain, but the blog can improve the PV of the website, the website of the independent IP, some people have actually come to your site, then you also.

second: love Shanghai spent 11

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