How to grasp the future site positioning the three elements to be able to do successfully

we can see that the majority of the site in the development process are facing too many contradictions, which is caused by the inaccurate positioning, you want to make your website positioning with the future development trend, help your success, it must be according to their own characteristics, the Internet trend and more supporting conditions, then how to do


users to access our website, the website can get why we love Shanghai trust, this is because the positioning of the website with the user convenient and affordable principle. A very simple example: you shop at A want to buy a pair of black shoes, and A stores but not black, this time you enter the B shop, B shop with black leather shoes. A when did you will enter the shop next to buy black shoes? This is the most simple, convenient and affordable website positioning must comply with the principle of the user, you let the user feel convenient and affordable, so your good localization, your development trend is again high, your site will not have any users welcome and respect.


on the Internet for a long time, webmaster friends can find many websites without innovation, take our familiar fiction website, movie website, of which 90% of the content is copied again and again, reproduced over and over again, how such content can meet the growing material and cultural needs? Certainly not, so webmaster friends when the site location we should think of innovation, how to innovate, how to use the website, how will the innovation innovation content and web user needs together, I think whether your website design is a much worse, as long as your site meets the needs of more users. So our website will ensure a chance.

There are some innovative spirit meet the needs of more

site must conform to the principle of

users convenient and affordableWhy The

site location should beIf the

site has been head of the event, from the beginning to want to do the site early site on-line, location is basic content of the site, many sites are eliminated in the process of development because of the positioning, positioning and so want to do website must strengthen the preparatory work of the website.

different times have different heroes, our website is the same, there may be today I am 20 years old, I have my own impulse idea, but the idea when you’re 25 years old and can now? Love is also true for the Shanghai search engine, with the sea search engine is a kind of algorithm in 12 years ago, in the 12 year after another algorithm, I ask you not to seize the initiative to change the love Shanghai algorithm and love Shanghai, the dual needs of website positioning you can meet the users and search engines at the time? Have a long-term planning target the site location should we. This goal can be 3 years, also can

site must comply with its own characteristics and the characteristics of the Internet now and in the future

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