Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Website Version beta online tools

2, the revision of the new website to complete the verification in Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

rules: # digital, * said any character, < > will.

2, website revision

first new sites have been verified to ensure that old in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, then in the website page selection tool "domain replacement rules" option has been verified from the selection of new web site list, click Submit. Pay attention to check information submitted after the attention system feedback, calibration cycle is generally about a week.

Admin5 station network news: December 18th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website officially launched the beta version of the line tool. Love said Shanghai Adsense website completed the revision will be submitted to the revision of rules of Shanghai love by the tool, avoid correcting bring loss, leading to a fall in traffic.

all the webmaster,

, a website tool to introduce the use of rules:

two, how to write advanced rules URL replacement rules


1, the website has completed the revision and set the correct 301 jump.

if the revision is more complex web site, such as a large number of links to jump level directory, you can also submit more advanced rules to us. In the website and select the "advanced rules" tool options page, click the "add revision rules"; in the bullet box enter the revision rules, and two groups of old and new sample URL help checking rules; click submit completed. Pay attention to check information submitted after the attention system feedback, calibration cycle is generally about a week. Check after the revision Tools page will also show the progress of the new URL replacement station.

        the announcement is as follows:

1, just replace the domain name (i.e. before and after revision URL in addition to the site looks different, others are consistent)

website address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/rewrite/index

is pleased to announce that love Shanghai webmaster tools – website tool beta version on-line today. Because in the preliminary investigation found that website basically has two kinds of forms: replace the domain name, website (link directory level large complex form changes). Therefore website tool beta version includes the two revision form under the revised rules to function. The site can be completed after the revision revision of rules submitted to the Shanghai love by the tool, the tool and set the 301 revision of the two ways of combining the form of help website as large as possible is reduced due to revision losses, avoid large fluctuations of site traffic.

website tool use premise:


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