Love Shanghai Scindapsus which brings new algorithm for personal Adsense


used to link, the Internet was born a lot of hanging black chain and Trojan program, the program as long as you give money to the automatic search function to get some illegal information, then your website link > hanging on

Forum blog behavior. Since Ali

Miami Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm until today love has gone through ten calendar days, ten days at the site for many types of links Scindapsus algorithm indeed caused a certain influence, like the early introduction of the real estate in five, has a certain effect but this effect is not large, for individual webmaster to love Shanghai green algorithm significance in addition to abandon links to the sale also has no effect. These are actually the phenomenon on the surface, love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm running ten days and the birth of a new role, and these new role is precisely the individual owners need to dig golden road, Shanghai green love something new algorithm

used to link generated mostly by our forum and blog leave hyperlink or signature links, but after Shanghai announced the love Scindapsus algorithm, part from the traditional chain behavior Forum blog to industry contribution, it is understood a few days ago, Sina, Sohu and other famous sites contribute an increase in the number of 30% however, some cosmetics, Taobao portal site submission also increased the number, for the webmaster, the contribution behavior in Shanghai dragon why, A5, Chinaz and other sites also increased, which is actually happy to see a love of Shanghai, first in the industry through the submission of a search engine must enhance the quality of content don’t let users in the search engine has no content can be read, then increase the personal writing consciousness and awareness of sharing, the seclusion of hair To open up and share now, finally, to a certain extent, but also can improve the visibility of the website submission by industry, the three for individual owners are more advantages than disadvantages, so the algorithm for the 2013 Shanghai green love love Shanghai is not caused by owners of the rebound, the reason should be in this place.

slightly be right down, some students rely on the sale of links to the site now have convergence, but the sale of personal webmaster link behavior is improved, which improve the main trends in the link in the QQ group in Shanghai, love is not that "green algorithm correlation"? This will remind some in the industry do good website, now an industry website is relevant, its weight is greater than 2, then a month the link cost reached 20 yuan, so highly related sites at least tens of thousands of it, we a site a month even sell 30 links, a month is 600 yuan, and this is recognized by the sea of love, love can not be found in the Shanghai.

group link momentum decreased, personal link momentum increased

industry contribute growth momentum, the traditional

hung black chain trojan website reduced normal site gradually increased

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