How to write more in line with the standard search engine website Title

some of the site’s title, from the home page, columns, pages are all the same, the search engine, represents the site each page about the contents are the same, with a high degree of similarity. This will undoubtedly reduce the amount included in the site, is taboo.

among the best convergence character recommended by "_", after all, Shanghai is so love to do their own, such as "|" and "," use less as far as possible.

title, also is the site of the title, the general users understand the content of the page, here is your decision according to the main content on the web. At the same time, title also determines the essential to your website ranking good, a good title can more easily search engine recognition and user acceptance, more easily from the search engine gets the ranking and traffic.

4, characters between

title is so important, for some title does not regulate the website, perhaps now has some rankings, but for long-term interests, change the title necessary. But title can not change, otherwise easily lead to punishment, even change to strictly in accordance with the rules of search engine to change, it is from the perspective of the user experience, so as to be punished to a minimum, faster recovery.


on a title site, as I stand title "investment immigration to Canada _ Canadian _ America Canada Immigration Agency – Beijing kangllian immigration, investment immigration to Canada is my first station keywords, so in the first place, then adjust the strong brand of CMG immigration network. Some web site is the first name of the website in the first place, unless it is a famous large-scale web site, or no one will direct the search company name, which is equal to give up the most important keyword promotion area.




column page can be written by the main keywords _ _ column name company name "," the content page proposal directly to the title of the article _ company name >

can not be stereotyped

5, column page and the inside pages title written

3, highlighting the key word

can’t meaningless stack keywords a pile, it is meaningless, to the search engine, is also suspected of cheating. We can use the keyword index tools to check our website and find out the key words expansion words are, with a text record, analysis of each keyword index set. Then according to the division of the keywords, the combination of words, 4 words Synthesis 2 words, 2 words and the synthesis of a word, and then a few words after the synthesis of sentence making, the key words into a sentence smooth attractive words. (Note: title is best not more than 33 words)

Keywords combination of key sentences The

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