The website page and the article page to enhance the three ranking skills

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this is a place where most owners believe that easy to ignore, when the chain is mostly do the home page, in fact, a web site outside of the chain of health must be diversified, all point to the home page or the same page, it is easy to cause the search engine on your site right down. Each page is optimized within the appropriate to do some outside the chain, not only can improve the weight of the inside pages, for the healthy development of the entire site also plays an important role in promoting.

page of a website to be ranked must have a certain weight, the weight of the inside pages are mainly in the following 2 points 1, the content of the page information must be rich, if a page on a total of dozens of words, even if the original information is included, the chances are very small, that is included, also do not have good rankings, the page information is one of the main factors to the search engine page scoring. The long tail word keywords and user search 2, the content page must be matched, not completely, but also try to be the long tail keywords you do appear in the page title and description.

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a web page ranking is very important, because the home page is the site of the highest weight, but the success of a website is not on the home page ranking, countless traffic but by countless pages and ranking the article page brings, so how are we going to page to get good rankings. The Global History Museum to star to simple for everyone to participate in the analysis of page ranking mainly from which aspects to operation:

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, to make the page with the weight of

three, outside the chain to the inside pages of

pages is a very important element of website optimization, including page ranking optimization is more obvious, in the role of the chain said in my "global primary school class eleventh class museum" in the text, there is not much to say.

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