The mobile station of Shanghai Longfeng details of the optimization strategy

for the mobile site, more emphasis on the link structure of the good. Refer to the link structure of the good, we must first emphasize reasonable navigation, good navigation can not only improve the user experience, and more easily search spiders crawl and crawl. In addition, in the structure, recommend a maximum of 2 layer link structure, simple and standard ULR is not only easy to remember, but also conducive to the search engine more effectively grasp and judgment ". Sometimes in order to regulate the URL link, we can use different forms of URL are 301 jump, can also use the robots file to banned spider grab you don’t want to show the form of URL users.

the user has gradually transferred to the mobile Internet market in the mobile Internet has a huge space for development, as a business, in addition to the outside of the PC end foothold, also have to enter the mobile internet. The Shanghai dragon is the same, we must optimize the strategy of Shanghai dragon mobile site? So, need to pay attention to what the details of mobile stations in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process? Small in here on the summary and analysis to discussion and exchange with colleagues.

endWe all know that

must do the mobile adaptation of

for the optimization of mobile site, love Shanghai mobile search will give priority to sort for the mobile site, so the mobile site advantage in the mobile search market has more obvious advantage. The PC website Webmaster: need to make mobile adaptation, the mobile terminal access to self adaptation to jump to the mobile version of the site. When it comes to the mobile adaptation process, especially to bring the PC website with the content of the corresponding mobile station and inform mobile search, but the search, many Webmaster Platform provides open adaptation entrance, corresponding to the corresponding relationship can be submitted.


it is worth reminding: love Shanghai mobile search adaptation is not only good URL links to the 031 jump, but also need to adjust the layout and the content structure, because of differences in the contents of the PC side and mobile terminal layout layout.


1, TDK and PC have different

PC terminal resolution and mobile device resolution have obvious difference, so PC side to show the contents of more often than mobile devices to show the contents of more and more rich. As for the mobile terminal Shanghai dragon optimization, involving TDK and PC end there are differences, differences in the key is to control the number of words. Love Shanghai mobile search results show page in Title, if more than 24 will be truncated, preferably not more than 17 Chinese Chinese characters. Of course, involving keywords and Description also has the word limit, to teach you a little trick, love Shanghai directly in the mobile search keywords view search results page effect can be learned.

4, use the Webmaster Platform tool

3, the link has the advantages of simple structure

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