Site optimization should not be 1000 times the difference is the basic principle of optimization

third, website content difference. This is the most basic principle of difference, a difference is also very difficult to achieve. Because the first two kind of difference as long as the good operation direction, confirm the target user is basically to achieve, but with the support of the content often let the webmaster headache, on the one hand to original content more, on the other hand, if the number of acquisition or reproduced content quantity, so it will be impossible to reflect the differences of characteristics. This well differentiated web content will need to find another way.

The most direct and effective party >

site development once again facing the new spring, there are many sites set up every day, every day there are many site closures, the result indicates that the current fierce competition website construction. It also shows that the website market has become increasingly difficult, if there is no good optimization method is difficult to succeed, but the traditional optimization methods are basically content for the emperor King chain principle, resulted in many sites ranking to rise rapidly.


second, industry difference. Because now many vertical segments of the industry have been a lot of stationmaster occupied, so we are not so there is no way to differentiate the optimization? The answer is no.. In fact, the industry also has a different characteristics. For example, the electricity supplier industry, people know Jingdong, Tmall in the competition, and the suning贵族宝贝 business platform, it seems that these platform has the same attribute, actually they serve users still have certain difference. For example, the core advantage of Tmall is reflected in the diversification of services. The Jingdong to logistics to attract users, suning贵族宝贝 is relying on home appliances sales advantage to enhance market competitiveness. Thus even if the same industry also reflects the difference of optimization, so as to obtain a competitive advantage.

first, user demand difference. We need to operate the site for certain groups of customers, if you want to run a door of the apartment layout for grassroots Adsense website, or have a small team of webmaster, it is difficult to accomplish the task, so we run the site at least to vertical segments, which is the target user partition in a relatively small the range, such as your site personnel, you should use the difference to area or vertical industry site personnel, so it can realize the difference of user demand. And even in the same area of site personnel, should also carry out service according to different user needs, such as some local talent website key service is the goal of high-end talent, while others are in the low-end talent, through the difference of service personnel to reflect the site of different.

In recent years

can according to the latest Shanghai love algorithm, the website wants to be successful, the most important way is to use the principle of differentiation, so that your site is out of the ordinary, reflects the phenomenon of stand head and shoulders above others so that it can make the site a lot of homogeneity in the Internet world, so as to enhance the site weight and ranking. So how to realize the optimization of differentiated

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