Several principles of small dimension on Shanghai Longfeng do Links

why the PR value on the final say? Because the PR value of more and more people no longer pay attention to, no matter what a standard PR is also a major search engine Google "to make reference to the site, after all, can buy directly with the PR domain name, so do not consider important factors, small dimension is not as considering the factors of the exchange links, consistent with the above 5.

"content is king" and not the content of the website, how to get the favour of search engine? If the contents, but included less, only that the website content acquisition too much or pseudo original do not good enough. As long as the search engine included more web site search engine will be recognized, so at this point, a small dimension of the principle of love included not less than 100 of Shanghai.

with small dimension of Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, Shijiazhuang site optimization, Shijiazhuang love Shanghai, the three Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon ", if the table is very poor, it means that the weights in the search engine is not high, on the contrary, there is a certain weight, small dimension is ask for target keywords at least the top 3 pages.



5. target keywords ranking

search spiders in the grab, crawling the time is limited, over a given time after they gave up, this will make search engine links to crawl, reduce the work efficiency, impact site weight, small dimension is the principle of open time more than 8 seconds more refused to exchange.

recently website snapshot not update, in addition to the content of the reason, is the cause of the chain, chain, Links is one of the most important parts of. Small dimension that Links effects on the website weight and keywords ranking promotion in the chain of almost accounted for 50% of the proportion of the small dimension of several principles under their own exchange Links when.

love Shanghai snapshot reaction site information, such as website update, spiders visit and other information, if the website snapshot stalled, indicating the site search engine has been ignored, such as I now have such signs; website snapshot backwards, indicating the site snapshot from the display after the date back, there after the improper operation. So in exchange links, small dimension is the principle of love Shanghai up to no more than 7 days.

4. site open speed

we all know, the weight Links value transfer and PR value of output is also affected by the export link is limited to a great extent, exchange links with the outbound links quantity of the station, if it is the weight of high standing is OK, if the weights are less than their standing, that is not what the meaning of the exchange. Small dimension principle is derived in the 40 – 60 links.

1. Shanghai

2. website

3. outbound links more

snapshot of loveWe all know that

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