Shanghai Longfeng long tail of real ascension weight and traffic

said a keyword density in here, but I still want to say, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER may know the keyword density, but not everyone understand the meaning of true keyword density. The general understanding is only the keyword density query keyword density in some webmaster tools there, and this keyword density is not accurate. Then, the search engine keyword density is what.

first, these words we can split the word, that is in the home, how to make money online, part-time, of course, I just split here two words of a group, the search engine will be split into more, such as three words, four words, one word, could all have. How is the combination of the search engine algorithm, here I just to illustrate this point. After the split, we all know that the search engine will determine the pseudo original, that is to say, what do you do to see how he is out, so in the eyes of the search engines, how there may be equal to.

based on the long tail keywords said above, in fact, long tail keywords density and just here that there is a link between. It is a site of the weight of ascension, one is to enhance the site traffic. Nonsense said so much, we’ll say that the search engine keyword density is really like. First of all, we just find an article. Or is a site of the home page. For example, I analysis the website. You can check the use of the keyword density webmaster tools.


the following examples explain why the search engine is the long tail of multiple words.

long tail keywords, this term I believe many Shanghai dragon ER is certainly know what meaning, but it can really understand, but not in the majority. Because everyone in the long tail of the concept is a group of words only, but in the eyes of search engines, the long tail is not a group of words. But a group of words, and we are through the long tail effect to enhance the site weight and traffic.

I am looking for a website on the Internet yu009, this website title is how to make money at home _ online. How to make money online part-time money back is not important. But you can go to check the relative ranking of the site, in these rankings, we will find a lot of not precisely match the words are very good rankings. Why is this? This is why I say the long tail keywords search engine is composed of the eyes of reason.

first of all, from the title in the search engine will be split at home, how to make money online part-time, these words, the will of the words, then split. The search engine algorithm is very complex in the group he split here I also write not over. Because of the combination group of words what are possible. So, this time may have a friend said, why not do the Related words, but no related words are ranked. In fact, this is related to the site’s keyword density.

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