The analysis of the four reasons webmaster operation for money


two reasons: the choice of keywords is not accurate

three: sales conversion rate is too low to

if you bid page just copy someone else’s website, other than the site without any features, just put the phone to > 400

has a lot of operating bidding friends said hundreds of IP I am your daily traffic, but is rarely traded. The reason is because the conversion rate is too low.

operation for most people of the novice will choose which mass conversion rate is not high on the words in the words are caused, sometimes one day consumption of 200300 yuan advertising is not a single. The reason is because the words we choose not accurate. So how to choose keywords for the novice. Dragons here recommended brand keywords on the keywords directly on the product. For example, you choose to love the product of this product is the treatment of white hair, black hair. Then you put the product keywords is love hair related keywords. Love the hair all into the relevant keyword phrase match. The top three rankings for advertising, advertising in the daily budget of 100 yuan / day. You can put all day long delivery time. You are bidding on the precise choice of keywords to ensure success.

many friends are bidding to choose which operation is currently in the online fried fire products such as: love black hair, black root Wang, Maca, L-carnitine, P57 and other popular products, these products generally index is relatively high, many novice on the choice of products, that opened in Shanghai to promote the promotion of the love account products can a single. I hope the more disappointed, many friends complain about bidding competition, good operation. In my blog article I said, 95% new operations bidding lose big because of the selection of products is too hot. It is a pity that many people lose money unexpectedly, also do not know why the operation for losing money, that is their own account optimization problem, the quality score is not high enough. Dragons here to tell you why you lose money because you are out of the question. Dragons advise beginners to make money not choose which popular products, and choose which competition is not too large, so your operation success rate is relatively large. A specific method for unpopular profiteering products and strategies, our future will be gradually to share the article.


one of the reasons: the choice of product competition is too fierce

want to make money through the auction, we must first understand the bidding of most of the operation is how to lose money. Because of a variety of ways to make money losing diversity, reason is always the three or four. Over the past six months in my bidding and bidding operation operation many friends exchanges, I found the reason is mainly because the money losing operation for the following four reasons.

customers through love Shanghai searching for your product, and then enter your auction page to buy, there is a systematic process. For example: from browsing to the consultation, the key step is to plan your ads to impress customers.

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