4 magic weapon the chain killing time

three, hail sword

sigh! !

, a hard spear


it is no exaggeration to say that the Shanghai dragon has entered into a war, smoke four, poor male competition era. Each stationmaster, build their revolt as strong as iron content and beyond the strong chain, is frequently tens of thousands, even Shijiwanshu to the chain, the number of the grassroots, rookie terrified, its quality more is a match, secretly ashamed

in view of this, we can only be diligent, poor " " to diligently spirit, to build a strong chain of days and months multiplying, ready to fight a protracted war chain determination steps to complete the chain task every day, and constantly tap the chain resources, a new day in and day out year after year, and believe that one day, the opponent will be love you down, Shanghai will be your role, then your diligence will send a glittering spear, to visitors announced you boarded the

altar!Two, the chain

after a serious thought, I think the new station to win a round of applause, must be from the following 4 aspects to build the chain. Here, we have to 4 magic weapon the chain killing time, topic to talk about how to build strong chain against rival

we must understand the egg to touch the stone however this truth, but from another perspective, why must we touch with you, I also can not afford it > Untouchables


as a new station, on the one hand, there is not enough money to buy the news source chain or gold chain competition with rivals; on the other hand, because of lack of experience, can not predict the return on investment, many owners are reluctant to invest in the chain.



and love Shanghai ranking is the content of the competition, as it is outside the chain of fighting, in the face of such a strong opponent, how to recruit new station, to climb the top ten throne, sharing traffic feast! Due to the wrong decision I entered the competition, lose weight almost incandescence of the battlefield, the top few King emperor, the man, the chain frequently is about 100000, of which a considerable portion of the weight from a very high news source site. I am done for half a year, only a few key row in the second page, from the goal seems unattainable, but not willing to.

this tool than the former, more advanced, well, the row in front of the man, not to buy a lot of news source soft link? I also saw the news source soft chain is strong, I know that it has the ability to push me love Shanghai home, so, why don’t we start the chain copier yourself, you buy I buy, the premise is that we have determined the profit model, coupled with their previous chain, complemented by our high quality content, over time, I do not believe there is no ranking

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