Case analysis of a monthly index 500 ranked first

The differences reflect the

the website home page, a picture of the background picture is the Phoenix Town the Tuojiang River, attract people do not say, said real-time information, picture information on the left side of the room, is to launch the Qixi Festival. This is to give the user a very important information that the site is alive, then trust will have a promotion, so that he is interested in and continue browsing, so a website homepage is very important, when users come to the site, if the first eye couldn’t find what you want the information, then close the site is inevitable. It is often said that a user experience set. We must meet


today to put aside the Shanghai dragon experience and Shanghai dragon rules do not say, we have some of the website to analysis, this is the actual combat experience. I gave the station website comments have good and bad, is a summary of the good, the difference is really useful to the user of the website, content, reasonable inside chain settings, these are doing well. The other is insufficient, open speed problem, this is flawed, as for image processing, JS and alt, these details are in place, because of limited funds, with cheap space, but this does not hinder the user to browse my website, because I have what they want, this is the core competitive strength as it is! What will be mentioned below.



domain name registration time is June 28th, July 22nd on the line so far, just 1 months time. The Phoenix Town index is 5000-6000. Phoenix Town accommodation, 500+ index. The hot degree without me, you will search. When the computer is open today, see the website has been ranked first, to tell the truth I was surprised. The station is under his kung fu, very hard to do, on the line for 2 days, give me 20 thousand yuan of income, I knew that it must be a potential stock. This month also records the website operation log, and perform what action. Today come to a successful issue special to share with you and exchange of experience. The graph shows that without the truth.

web content set and the core competitiveness of

list of the first 3 pages about the Phoenix Town accommodation good website, personal feeling to the user is most impressed by my station, as to why, see below:

I see many examples of case analysis before



, but most of them are still some theory, and no details to each action and steps. Today, my station just launched a month. Today is the first keyword ranking jumped. Seemingly accidental, is inevitable. Today, and we analyze new real fast ranking mystery, which has some changes to some of the details, so that we can have an inspiration, find the optimization of your site.

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