Shanghai dragon to improve the user experience is king


sites are single industry website, we must first locate the target user of the website. For example, we do Shanghai Longfeng aspects of the site, so we are sure to expand on this topic in Shanghai dragon. If we are content in Shanghai Longfeng site some fitness, that want to see Shanghai Longfeng next user will not visit your site. Create your own website brand must make your site look professional enough to make people feel.

and users is essential. Leave your contact information in the website conspicuous place, and the establishment of feedback system.

2. content is the soul of the site

love Shanghai’s recent update algorithm is of low quality, low quality of the site is nothing more than no good content. But there is no good website content support, also cannot show their value. A good website must show its value for users, providing fresh high quality content for users. A mission of the birth of the Internet, is the dissemination of information, do original content so that customer satisfaction is the right way to

1, improve website loading speed

users first enter the website is by clicking the link or URL directly into the. Either way, with the development of the Internet era, users of the speed of the pursuit of more and more high, the first approved only fast open the web page to get user. For the website access speed is a big problem in the webmaster should consider. Usually, we must first choose a high speed host, and optimize the website code, reduce the use of flash, image compression method. To ensure the stability of the host.

5. and user interactionInteraction between

4. of the siteMost

3. page design beautiful, conciseThe

website design to be beautiful and simple and elegant, the first glance to attract users. Pay attention to the collocation of color, not too fancy nor too monotonous. Including advertising layout, a large number of advertising will easily lead to reduce the degree of user experience. General users do not want to have the website advertising, web advertising to Liu Zhu early not more users. In the design of the site also don’t forget to comply with the rules of Shanghai dragon, make a search engine friendly web site.


only a short while ago, Shanghai Longfeng prevailing a classic quotation "content is king, the chain for the emperor". But with the change of Shanghai’s recent love algorithm maybe this sentence will become the past. The search engine "humanization" trend is more and more obvious, the user experience is to get the webmaster attention, while the relative "content" "chain", the user experience is abstract, so to improve the user experience of the webmaster is a problem, then what should we do to improve the user experience of the website. The author according to their own experience? I do this from those aspects to improve the user experience.

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