Quickly find the three skills of Links

a, some sites at the bottom left contact, can directly contact the webmaster;

after the above three steps, basically you can find related with their web site, because of the love of Shanghai to search out, and at the home station in Shanghai, the love seems to be relatively high weight. This Links can satisfy the correlation and meets the characteristics of high weight.

method Links"

in the starting station when using the method, it is.

1 for "the most relevant

3) through the above two steps have been looking into some of the most relevant sites and your site, then you need to find these sites long contact. We can through three ways to find the webmaster contact:

we know that the correlation with larger sites to exchange Links, on their website weight and keywords ranking improve to enhance the more favorable, and low correlation Links to improve our website weight with the help of relatively small, so how to find your site with "the most relevant Links" is very necessary. Here find Yi share a "love Shanghai search" looking for friends of the chain method. Specific operation method is as follows:

2) search these keywords in love in Shanghai, collect and record the row in the front page of the website.

B, the Shanghai love search "domain:+ domain name + Links", so you can search out these left standing in the Links platform contact, then you can contact the webmaster.

as a webmaster, for the importance of Links more or less will know more, it not only to improve the site keywords ranking, improve the PR value and increase website weight, but also to some extent, also can improve our website brand awareness. It is also because Links has so many benefits, so the exchange Links became one of the essential work of each Shanghai dragon er. Exchange Links seems simple, but the actual operation is more a matter of trouble, need to pay attention to more places (such as web site correlation, weight, snapshot, noflow and whether if there is a cheat chain), so when the exchange Links need to be very careful. In addition, how to find Links is many webmaster very troublesome thing, the next Qingdao Shanghai dragon for everyone to share three tips to quickly find the Links.

1) website for their core keywords for the root, through the long tail word mining tools (free love station, and bole Jinhua) mining some long tail words, and use Notepad to record.

2, the most simple method for LinksThis is my

C, the love station whois query, this is my personal love way, through the whois query can find the webmaster email and QQ.

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