Novice combat surgeon series a single auction 20 single consumption 4000

project is mainly for the products of female products, click on price maintained at between 3.5–4 dollars.


account of the operation, to avoid the emergence of an article on the problems in the sense of stability of advertising, and the delivery time and the region made a certain degree of optimization, optimization of creative advertising, the breakdown of the advertising group, closer to the actual

and relatively speaking, in the second article, the student consumer advertising costs reached 6000 yuan, there are a lot of false traffic. The accounts of the operation, completely avoid the strategy before the rash rash, and occupy the love between 3–5 left Shanghai; one of the important details is that this account to do more long tail keywords, and the failure of the case, only a few key words

so, we believe that the auction must pay close attention to the operation of the novice, 2 points: stable, and make more keywords; niche advertising unit, optimization of AD group and keywords; adjust the time and regional delivery. This is the path to victory!

The !The

We can look at the

look at another platform.

Because the product is shipped in

, the total flow rate of 2034, there are actually malicious clicks, click on the number of Shanghai love after filtration, produced a total of about 1400IP. We then look at the opposite of love Shanghai background statistics report.



Statistical data in 51 it inside we see ! !

OK, the "

We look at



according to the above statistics, the overall consumer accounts reached 5000 yuan in the sea currency, the actual consumption amount of 4200 yuan.

(general situation, we can carefully check their data which is 51 of all traffic statistics, including love Shanghai shield malicious click; basically click close to the price of 4 dollars.

platform, made a total of 8 list, sign 5, visa 2, a EMS is still in the delivery.

in the previous article, the advertising circle as in the past to share about a series of new combat operations after. There are many factors worth reference, hope that we can summarize more experience in actual operation! Strongly recommended that you look back at the second article: "new love Shanghai two: why the loss was bidding". In this article, we still use the actual approach to analyze and explain the

testing, we look at the situation on behalf of the consignor.

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