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When Liu Zuohu

has been emphasized in a concise, focused, and extreme, let the media reminiscent of apple, the media asked Liu Zuohu to be the next apple? Liu Zuohu confidently asked: "why do the next apple? Is the next one and become their own wow. It is the most important."

compares the number of people who play the game with the value of the game and then resell the item to sell

the VC that gives money only is VC

perhaps it is because I have done some seed capital, perhaps because I am concerned about the venture capital industry, often see entrepreneurs urgently asked me in micro-blog and WeChat private background, they have a project, where to go find

from the mobile phone market environment, and can be said to be Born Under A Bad Sign." A staff member who was admitted to Canada as soon as he was founded.

Abstract: a good VC must have a commitment to the project and a sense of responsibility for the fund,

face these people on the road to entrepreneurship, I often want to persuade two, but I do not know how to start.

investment? In addition to

was established for nearly 4 years, at this point in time, with a staff of the NetEase said, we are still alive, and live in good health, you don’t feel the magic? She say this is because the establishment of this one plus four can be said to be the mobile phone industry crazy shuffle, four years of volatility from the "Internet mobile phone baptism" to "hitherto unknown price war and machine sea tactics" to "line to the anxious line, mobile phone industry has experienced a new round of reshuffle, once the Chinese cool together, only HUAWEI also ranked in the forefront, cool change has been removed; the glory of the millet is also the market decline; ZUK brand disappeared; IUNI brand collapse.

of course, above is just a small means of early investment institutions, and at a later stage, the VC method is advanced, from the project data speculation evolved to speculation founder, even at the cost of using a mental immature child, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting attention, Wang Kaixin and her magic department is the best case. Some of the rich and powerful investment agencies more frequently, the whole package under the runway, entrepreneurial projects accidentally into investment institutions for culture of the unicorn.

sure enough, it’s still the product of the product, and more about Liu Zuohu, the product manager. He will carefully explain how difficult it is to make one and 5 of the corners of the joint. How long does it take to adjust the radian on the back of the phone?…… He said that one plus 5 is the most painful one, even if such subtle debugging may have no sense of the user, but he still insisted on debugging to experience the most comfortable state, because is Android’s flagship best he promised.

beware of investors like this

, whether it’s capital or entrepreneurship, is a complex matter. For entrepreneurs, the future of entrepreneurship almost no margin, acquired, listed, small and beautiful, and even just to earn their own experience and reputation… In addition to defeat outside there is almost no bad ending, but the capital of the future is simple, whether directly or indirectly, entrepreneurial projects must provide value or interest income or function exist in the matrix.

Born Under A Bad Sign, a plus in the establishment of this four years have made a few detours: 2014 a plus in addition to the online channel, began a large-scale open line store experience, less than a year on the creation of the 45 line store experience; and the increase in 2015 >

that is free from the negative line

from lost to healthy living

we all know, 14 years, 15 years of O2O pioneering peak period, there is a wide range of industry and even universal data fraud, many of which are B wheels, or even more than C wheels of enterprises. Their investors don’t know? Obviously not. These frauds are often carried out under certain VC’s tacit approval, even implied and encouraged, for, of course, to blow a better valuation waiting for the disk.

in this premise, the entrepreneur must understand what their project means for investors, and their own assumptions whether the future match.

for a long time, the country seems to have no news, Liu Zuohu also do not accept media interviews. This time, originally in a 5 conference after the interview Liu Zuohu, because after the conference to direct flights to India in Mumbai, there is a conference of more than 2000 people waiting for him, therefore, media interview with Liu Zuohu on the day before the conference.

talking about things on the corporate level, Liu’s talk always has the shadow of OPPO: do the right thing, do not pursue quantity, do not look at the financial statements. Liu Zuohu is not afraid to come out from OPPO’s identity, and that is why, if not good ideas persist? One plus established that four years is the most intense competition in the mobile phone industry for four years, the volatility of the industry experienced a reshuffle repeatedly. However, one year only one flagship machine added that it is now alive and healthy, and that the company of more than 600 people has enough food and clothing, and the next goal is to become a healthier and longer term enterprise.

is responsible for the project and promotes the sound development of the project. One is responsible for the funds and the funds can be applied to the project itself. A good investment organization should have these two responsible attitudes at the same time.

business circle wolf little more meat too serious, a lot of people to understand the venture capital industry is not enough, VC and investment institutions identity is greatly myth, many entrepreneurs blindly believe investment institutions can help you succeed. But the real situation is that many investment institutions not help you toward the pinnacle of life angel, but often is draining you last on the value of "the devil".

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