The nternet source of garbage to bad Shanghai dragon training institutions

Shanghai dragon form

said the anchor text, engaged in the work of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the anchor text is used to increase the number of import website keywords, said the popular point is a hyperlink. And a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers, will release a large number of anchor text on the Internet every day, some of the anchor text or dark chain, simply can not pay attention to find. A user accidentally was taken into the anchor text of the target site, the target station, is largely not the visitors want to visit, a form of anchor text, a lot of useless to deceive the search engine and users is Shanghai Longfeng waste.

Shanghai dragon worker in order to Shanghai dragon and on the Internet by mass software, wide distribution of the target site URL, cheat search engine first crawl to this kind of Web site, and these. Many are garbage site, when users to search, it is possible that this site in the front row, which seriously affect the user wants the search result, this kind of waste must be cleared Shanghai dragon.

keyword stuffing



garbage Shanghai dragon is to use some commonly used words of noble baby (such as VoIP, website construction guidelines and so on) to search, find some web pages or the two domain name in the search results, through a large stack of keywords and other technical means "get good rankings, when the user clicks on the inside to see may be just a search engine to" understand ", or just a pile of keywords without the actual content of the web page, these pages are dedicated to the search engine" custom ", through the" search engine optimization "to get good rankings for popular keywords, can often get more users to click on it through the sale of the rankings to obtain benefits. If the garbage "Shanghai Longfeng already has a buyer, users click on the search results may be redirected to another website. This is the "Shanghai Longfeng waste" (or "garbage Shanghai dragon"). Of course, all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng waste form, is not limited to this one.

garbage Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry has emerged. Shanghai Longfeng waste refers to the Shanghai dragon workers in order to achieve the search engine rankings, and it is a series of improper optimization work, which leads to a large amount of information garbage, so as to deceive the search engine, deceive users, seriously affect the user experience of the overall search results.

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garbageTypical forms of

With the development of

Shanghai Longfeng garbage five main forms of

through the web site or page title a keyword, in order to achieve their own weight in the search engine ranking to improve, so the user is induced to enter the target site. The website also did not want the user information, the user query time wasting. This kind of Shanghai Longfeng waste, with the search engine algorithm, has better control.

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