Optimization of dotting users of the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng three

The contribution of In this case

, a user for high quality original content.

website to quickly improve the search rankings, must have a fairly wide and have a certain quality of the external links, which are generally owners spend a lot of time every day to each big forum posting, the promotion to soft or by forum signature to extend the chain, no doubt this method for personal webmaster is quite hard, but the effect is also relatively slow. In order to break through the bottleneck of the individual owners, users can play the power of the rapid increase of the website chain.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the website, there are some details and perspective it is easy for us to ignore them, but the role is quite large, so I combined with the person in the Shanghai dragon in the process of experience and experience, detailed discussion of the details, hope to be able to play the role. Today and share the huge role in the website optimization process of users. Although the website belongs to station management and operation, the owners responsible for management, but users participating in the site at the same time, for some to the site development affairs, such as the Shanghai dragon website optimization, but also can play its unique role, to help owners "burden", to optimize the work better. How to play the role of the user in this process, the following will share my practice and experience with you.

two, users for the high quality of the website chain.

webmaster can be carried out with a variety of incentive policy activities, such as giving users virtual rewards, related authority awards, Q coins, mobile phone recharge and other incentives, adding links to launch the user business for some time in the personal blog, or released with the web link blog etc.. The personal blog, as long as the operation of a certain period of time generally have a higher weight, especially often write blog users are very popular search engines love, content capture and quick update >

, active use of user groups and play the advantages of good methods for the optimization of the site to launch the user contribution is to break through the limits! For the website, especially the forum site, after the accumulation of a certain user, active use of good atmosphere or incentives to encourage users to contribute actively, different the user created original content after the release to the website, between intangible constitutes the original resources of high quality more and more, these to enhance the website weight in the search engine there is a considerable effect, but also greatly reduce the burden of the owners.


there is a saying that good: "I have an apple, you have an apple, after the exchange, each of us is only one apple. Do you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange, have two kinds of thoughts." Said the great significance and value is sharing, communication and exchange. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the website, rely solely on personal power station can be said to be very hard, but the effect will be limited to a large extent.


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