What don’t move your website title

is the first to stop this dangerous behavior, do not change the website title and keywords, the search engine ranking on the site, the information shown is the title of the website, so not to modify.

website optimization is a great need for patience, I am on the road this optimization also planted numerous tumble, and most profound memories of that time to pay almost let me and love Shanghai on the right.

a love Shanghai ranked big update second date morning, I’m looking forward to the view when I site included and ranking, almost to the jaw dropped, what this situation, and I had a heart to a difference of one hundred and eight thousand ah, suddenly felt that he had confidence in the end is coming from?! love Shanghai, included sharply reduce the keyword "Chengdu glass factory" and "Chengdu art glass" is ranked from the original home out Not the least trace was found.. I like winter suddenly being poured cold water on the head! So long time to do such a wash and empty sad, regret?. But, to the webmaster friends to send the wrong signal for help, this time they gave me a profound reflection, and gave me some good advice.

and each big forum to send text, increase website traffic and guide the spider to patronize website.

went on to keep update the site every day, to improve the quality of the contents, especially the original article, stimulate the spider, the effect is obvious;


this time I went astray, every day to do these things back and forth, back and forth, looking forward to After rain the sky looks blue. sunny. After more than a month unremittingly, my website finally began to pick up, love Shanghai normal snapshot, included keyword ranking is also slowly climbing. I have no more than relief filled with a thousand regrets, forget to remind yourself to stop this kind of behavior is not clever.

after the storm, I see the site is really a work a harvest, quick success is absolutely nowhere, only.

is the title of the page is a very important part of the web site optimization, can not arbitrarily change and frequent replacement. But sometimes due to various reasons will change, when I stand has been stuck in the "Chengdu glass" this keyword is not above the former, he had the idea to modify the site title. With this idea, I immediately consult this to many webmaster friends, they told me to change the title must be careful, do not move unless necessary, otherwise the consequences are terrible, reality is hit, but I was very confident of himself, so I decided to make a further revision on the website, the most important one is the site of the Title information changes, according to the information I have seen, I spent a morning time to modify the title well, I feel very good. Of course, I still do the site off some rankings, included less point ready for this, but the facts tell me mercilessly: you are still very full of

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