Liang Hua of Shanghai as in the habit of Longfeng Mo by habit

Er should work with the Shanghai dragon search engine change, this is no doubt, but not any change we have to change, sometimes we have to learn to calm, calm, calm. Two days before the Baidu to aunt, tens of thousands of the chain finally only 64, but out of the rankings included didn’t change, also need not worry too much. Indeed, at around half past six in the afternoon, the chain was restored, and even small scale growth.

just entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, and senior teachers said, Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, just repeat the article every day, outside the chain, to develop good habits of Shanghai dragon can. In fact, Liang Hua also follow the advice, to develop good habits. Every morning, will query the web site collected, chain, chain, home page ranking, there is no black chain and so on various situations. I believe everyone has his own Shanghai dragon habit, no doubt, have a good habit of Shanghai dragon Er is a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, but only if there is such a habit of Shanghai dragon Er, is definitely not a good Shanghai dragon er. (a little clumsy, but the fact is that

but Shanghai dragon is a continuous development of the industry, the search engine algorithm in the constantly changing, Shanghai dragon Er work should also be changed, do not rigidly adhere to their own habits, when the discovery site changes, the focus of our work should be changed. For example, website snapshot update slow and included not increase or even reduce the time, at this moment, we don’t send too many articles, has also been included. This time we can have more quality of the chain spider. On the contrary, if the website snapshot update time seconds included, can send some article less to do the chain.

although the habit is very important, I also suggest that you have a good habit, but sometimes habits will restrict their development. I have used in several forums chain, because this forum included several fast, high PR, and even send a lot of chain management is not deleted, so I site outside the chain a lot in this several forums. In the course of time but found that it is not good, although the short-term effect is very good, but if the release to the forum, the weight of the website is not so high. More than a few weight is not so high site, so that included a wide range of.

Shanghai dragon Er

Shanghai, sometimes very simple, if the website snapshot update soon, included and the chain is very high, we can according to the habits of the past work, every day more than a dozen articles, send dozens of the chain. The rest of the chat bubble sister, but this is still "correct" on the side.

good habits is the foundation of Shanghai dragon er’s success, not rigidly adhere to the habit, can timely change is the key to success of the Shanghai dragon Er, believe that the predecessors have deep understanding of this point. Shanghai dragon is growing, a good habit is qualified in Shanghai dragon er>

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