Web site keywords ranking off again the practice experience

is the content of the problem, can do some restoration changes, and observed a few days, pay attention to the change in rank. If you really do not know how to modify, you can change a template, and then continue to do the content and the chain. If it is Links problem, can choose to remove the problematic links, and in each other certainly need to say hello. If the chain number is greatly reduced, so you have to consider another way to do outside the chain.


ranking drop or disappear, you must know whether most people have the same situation, and take another look at our own competitive rankings have change. If the majority of the site ranking fluctuation is too large, and the ranking of search results can be regarded as abnormal, then the search engine database error occurred. Now do not worry, continue to update and the chain, their noses.

if the search engine update, find your site in the rankings off, how would you deal with

ranking drop, don’t panic! We know that search ranking is dependent on the search engine rankings, fell sharply, there are two possibilities, one is the search engine update algorithm (including search engine punishment); the other is the search engine error.

but remember, encounter when don’t panic, careful analysis.

May 20th, in this beautiful day, love Shanghai weekly update appeared in the ranking data error phenomenon, directly lead to more than 90% of the website ranking disappear. After the morning, found that all ranking dropped, and have some formal standing rankings are also disappeared. After the surprise, carefully looked at changes in the rankings, found before the update ranking on the first page of the station after the update only love Shanghai own website, other positions are replaced within the pages of some stations, which accounted for the majority of information station. Look at several other keyword rankings, is the same. So a few stationmaster forum to see the reactions of others, found a pile of crying ranking disappear post, and the phenomenon is similar, so I calm. Sure enough, at noon, the ranking began to recover, the result is a farce. In fact, the search engine that is not the first time, remember 09 years of love at the beginning of December, Shanghai was also once data error, please see: love Shanghai this morning for large-scale K station.


if you only part of the same type of website ranking fluctuations, and search results, other stations have no obvious abnormal ranking. If your site is estimated to be search engine punishment, but don’t worry, ranking fluctuation is a normal thing. I still have to find the reasons from their own, first you have to know the nature of your own website itself, the general decline in website ranking and website content, related links. To check your site is deliberately optimized operation? Because it may lead to excessive and optimization of punishment. Also check the chain, see the chain number is greatly reduced, whether there is a ranking problem, Links site analysis is clear, an antidote against the disease.

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