Website ranking out how to do the internal analysis

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website: 贵族宝贝 domain name /column/column22_1.htm. For a directory, the directory should be written in form of 贵族宝贝 domain name / directory name or domain name / 贵族宝贝 / directory name.Htm, so it is a more reasonable structure. The structure form of web content is as follows: 贵族宝贝 domain name /htm/column457.htm, this structure is not reduced. If the site is relatively small, can be defined as the domain name web content: 贵族宝贝 /.Htm file name; if the link must conform to the logic structure, it can also be defined as 贵族宝贝 domain name / directory / file name.Htm. Now, the design of URL many sites is not reasonable, or no rules, or link level too deep.

relative to the site outside the chain construction is the most important link building. >

web content poor quality

The chain construction site of

Within the chain construction site of website structure is not reasonableDirectory structure

in general, including page sidebar have the latest list of articles, as long as the website has released new content, all the web pages of the sidebar will change. To search engine, can be found throughout the site are in flux, are updated. Not only that, the sidebar of the latest articles can also enhance the site within the chain.

recently in the hands of a psychological consultation website ranking slipped, probably a week, generally observed a moment, found that some stations ranked up. Remember ZAC once said, a website ranking dropped, there are other sites to the top. Since the rankings can come up with good reason. There may be internal site is very powerful, there may be a very powerful external links. In a word, ranking will not up nor It is without rhyme or reason., It is without rhyme or reason.. Since the site is off, it is necessary to analyze the landing site ranking factors. Generally speaking, from the comprehensive analysis of internal and external, today will look within the site in the end there is no problem.

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page has no content updates for


website is the website content, if the content of a website is collected or reproduced, not high quality content, then this site to help users what? Psychological counseling class website, the core content is the analysis of psychological counseling and psychological depth of social hot spots, of course there are many psychological problems solving method. Only provide a large number of these contents, the user can really help. The contents of the site found more than 90% are collecting content for search engines, the original degree is low, high quality content and less site is very popular, at least pseudo original about it, although the search engine does not love the pseudo original content.

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