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Jiang is responsible for the dream home Amoy (taozhijia贵族宝贝) operation and promotion work, this is a service to the seller’s website. Learning millet sense of participation, I have been thinking about how to make web users to participate in the Amoy home of the growth and development of the. Website of the beginning of the line, perfect still in all aspects, we are still doing brand accumulation and promotion work, let the user know this website is not enough, how to allow users to Amoy house in mind, this is a very important issue facing us

"sense of participation — mouth marketing millet internal manual" in a book was finally completed. Ashamed to say, from 19 in September last year, opened the first page, took 4 months to finish. The book describes the story of millet, very exciting, with some marketing cases, very useful. I think, to digest, refine several keywords, use days after work.

millet mobile phone, MIUI system, accumulated a lot of fancier, these are the original user loyalty. To enable users to participate in the system to update and improve, each user is product manager. Users spontaneously grow up together with the maintenance of brand image, brand. Do first do reputation, loyalty, and visibility. A brand in the heart of the user, is loyal users, maintain the brand, to participate in the brand’s growth and development. More and more people to participate in the brand, brand cohesion and influence more and more natural.

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all marketing is based on products based on the basis of not everything is empty. The product is digital in front of 1, followed by the number of 0 are never mind, 1 is the key. Meng Jiang did not use millet mobile phone, but there are a lot of Rice noodles, some of my colleagues, a person with the whole family with millet, millet millet mobile phone box! The production process is very good, not only beautiful, but also can bear great gravity, even mobile phone boxes are so hard, want to make mobile phone itself should also be perfect. Users are not fools, it will take the initiative to spread. Internet thinking is the reputation of the king, excellent products, will let users between the word of mouth. Millet said "the ultimate is his crazy", the products do extreme, nature can retain users.

in recent years, Alipay’s annual bill is a circle of friends.

throughout this book and no positive introduction of mobile phone is good, fast, high configuration information, mobile phone book in rendering attitude, careful, let the reader learn to love the love of this brand, its culture and attitude, silent. Mobile phone is the core product of millet, as users gradually increase, improve brand influence, the continued development of mobile power millet, millet TV, millet router etc..


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