Analysis of love Shanghai Google included secret let included is no longer a problem

Google for the website included looks better than love Shanghai come easy, as long as the site there are a lot of data, usually to clubs will be included many; but we can also find the recent Google for the quality requirements, it is to love Shanghai love the original text.

website weight depends on the collection of this website, new haven’t what weight, even the original articles are very difficult to be loved in Shanghai included, only when the site overall weight up, Shanghai will slowly start to love you, through the pseudo original out of love, the sea search engine does not mind, one by one to if you really want to understand the site included; the relationship between weight with included, we are most familiar with is A5 and Chinaz two Adsense website, reprint wrote popular articles, so is the second.

website for many webmaster sleepless, only solve the problems included the site, in order to achieve better results in Shanghai Long Fengzhong; love Shanghai and Google are two different search engines, so it is not the same for the included requirements. Many webmaster will find some website Google included many, but love seldom included in Shanghai; some sites included a lot of love instead of Shanghai, and Google included little, for the love of Shanghai and Google for the collection of articles, I think there are the following points:

2, timing quantitative update

love for Shanghai included several requirements:

for Google included several requirements:


site overall weight

love Shanghai love how the article, should we all know, but really want to implement is not an easy thing to do every day, if want to go to his own website which released the good quality of the article, can not copy the left hand, right hand paste can fix the original; the article is manually edited out, write a a word a word article, perhaps don’t how, but also by the search engine recognition, and the pseudo original is not only with tools to fix, change those paragraphs, replacing it with respect to the keywords to love Shanghai has not changed; deep processing of pseudo original articles, sometimes tend to do better than their manual writing even for a long time, because we have to according to others’ articles with their own meaning to go together, sometimes may also give it a few pictures inserted up, looks not Often cumbersome, but the effect is very good.


1, the content of the article

The quality of

quantitative timing with the new article I feel very important, because spiders have "human nature", every day at that time if you update the article, it is at this time of the day to grab back, but after a certain period of time, will give you every day to do what are included. The article was included how much love Shanghai. Must be quantitative timing to update it, choose a time period empty, for example after work every day to spend one or two hours to update the article, only unremittingly, can let the spider trust you more.

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