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first_img RelatedEgypt becomes more popular with families this half termFamilies could book flights to Egypt because the country offers a variety of activities aimed at children and adults.Egypt Travel AdviceEgypt Travel AdviceWhy Luxor is the new Sharm el SheikhA holiday in Egypt is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap package deal, usually to Sharm el Sheikh. But this year, why not try something different but still stay within your budget? Give Luxor a look and discover the ancient Egyptian capital, the sun-soaked banks of the River Nile… Is it safe to travel to Egypt?I cannot say that Egypt (or any other country) is safe. The Foreign Office warns: “There is a high threat from terrorism,” and over the past two decades there have been numerous attacks – including some aimed at tourists. I believe the risk of harm to the average holidaymaker is extremely low. Personally, I would not hesitate to go to any of the tourist areas – the Red Sea resorts, the Nile and the great cities of Alexandria and Cairo – tomorrow. Indeed, I hope to be aboard the first departure from the UK to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt’s premier resort, when the British government gives permission for flights to re-start. If you want to cancel your holiday, what are your rights?As nothing has changed in terms of the official threat level, normal terms apply. In many cases that means you will lose some or all of your money. Some holiday firms may offer you the chance to transfer to another destination, but this is by no means a legal entitlement.Stranded abroad and looking to get home? Here are Skyscanner’s best tips for getting there as quickly and safely as possible.What can travellers to Egypt do to stay safe?While you can never eliminate all danger, you can certainly take action to reduce risks. Minimise the amount of travel you do by road; I prefer to fly domestically rather than going overland. That might sound flippant, but it is meant in all seriousness. Driving standards and the enforcement of traffic laws are much inferior to Britain.Is this, in any sense, a good time to visit Egypt?Yes, and in my opinion it is imperative that people do. Millions of Egyptians depend on tourism for their livelihood, and I believe the best possible gesture of faith in humanity is to travel there, meet the friendly, welcoming people and enjoy their amazing country.Discover more top places to visit in 2016, in our pick of the best value holidays for this year… What is the latest travel advice for Sharm el Sheikh?The Foreign Office does not warn against travel to the resort. But after the loss of the Metrojet flight to St Petersburg last October, it ordered UK airlines to stop flying to Sharm el Sheikh until security measures at the airport were stepped up. The Egyptian government has poured tens of millions of pounds into beefing up airport security, but the UK government is not yet content with the programme for keeping flights safe. The Foreign Office says: “We are advising against all but essential travel by air to or from Sharm el Sheikh,” adding that it is working with travel companies “to resume flights and holidays in Sharm el Sheikh as soon as appropriate security arrangements are in place.”The resort itself is open for business – and some British travellers are flying in and out via Cairo or Istanbul, despite the Foreign Office advice about Sharm el Sheikh airport.Want to receive updates on the latest travel news and advice, straight to your email? Enter your email address below to sign up to our free newsletter:What about the rest of the country?All the tourist areas are open. That includes the resorts of Hurghada and Marsa Alam, the pyramids at Giza (just outside Cairo) and the marvellous cities of Luxor and Aswan on the Nile, where I have spent fascinating, relaxing and happy holidays with my family.If you’d like more advice from frequent travellers, read Skyscanner’s [50 insider travel tips from our staff](” alt=”last_img” />

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