You Can Now Order Food With Amazons Alexa

first_img Alexa Lets You Donate School Supplies to Students in NeedAmazon Alexa Provides NHS Medical Advice in the UK Stay on target Amazon’s Alexa is already useful when it comes to accomplishing tasks you need completed, but up until now she hasn’t been able to do that one big thing you’ve probably wished she could: ordering food. With the latest updates for Amazon’s digital assistant, you’ll be able to order food via Amazon Restaurants, which is currently available in 20 cities across the United States.Unfortunately, you’re only actually able to order through Amazon Restaurants at the moment, and you’ll only be able to reorder dishes you’ve actually purchased before since it’s obviously a nightmarish experience to try and put in a new order via voice assistant. If you’ve ever tried to rely on one of these assistants to take down a message or something like that, you’re probably already acutely aware of that.You must be an Amazon Prime member to use the service, and you can order via Alexa by saying something like “Alexa, order sushi from Amazon Restaurants.” The service will look back in your order history that corresponds to your request and lists the options that are available at the moment to reorder. Then delivery is set up for the customer’s default address. You’ll have food heading your way on the double. But when you think about it, it might actually be a little slower to order from Amazon if the food you ordered before isn’t sounding too delicious.This is a somewhat rudimentary first introduction for the new Alexa feature, but it will likely prove to be an interesting new part of the Alexa skill set going forward that will probably be augmented in the future with additional orders and other places you can order from. For now, if you live somewhere that’s participating with Amazon Restaurants, you should be good to go.last_img

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