Nikes first real selflacing shoes hit stores November 28

first_imgThey’re only a year late by Emmett Brown’s calendar and they’re not the sleek, gray high tops that Marty strapped on, but Nike’s first real self-lacing shoes will soon be on store shelves.On November 28th, just after Thanksgiving weekend, the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 will be on display in Nike stores. Select Nike stores, anyway. And you won’t just be able to stroll in the front door and ask a clerk for a pair of size elevens to try on. You’ll need to make an appointment first.You can’t really blame Nike for giving the Hyperadapt 1.0 the velvet rope treatment. This is the most high-tech pair of shoes they (or any other sportswear company, for that matter) has ever developed. Not many shoes require a power source. Well, other than those blinky LED things little kids wear so proudly.Nike no doubt hopes the Hyperadapt isn’t seen as that sort of gimmick, obviously. They’re seriously advanced athletic technology, and they’re paving the way for future models that will take the Hyperadapt label to another level.Down the road, Nike wants to sell Hyperadapt shoes that can automatically adjust to your feet while you’re using them. They’ll be able to tighten or loosen in just the right places to provide optimal fit while you conquer a trail in the woods or battle your friends in a game of 21 on the court.Just make sure you remember to plug them in when you’re done. If you think finding your smartphone or watch is dead just as you’re heading out the door, imagine how much it’ll suck if your shoes can’t tie themselves. You’ll have to revert to those luddite kicks you have to (ugh) tie by hand.last_img

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