Raise money for charity while you watch porn

first_imgOnline porn, a cornerstone of the internet, generates a lot of money and two men named Marco and Riccardo want to take some of that money and use it for good.It’s called Come4.org and it aims to be a free to use, non-profit porn website with a heart. Users can upload sexually explicit material — both still images and home-made movies — and then choose what charity they want their video to support. Users that just want to help out can watch porn for free and even chat with other members.The funding will come from advertising and voluntary donations. Come4.org promises to have no spam and wants to create a user friendly website that’s a pleasure to use because, not only do they want to make money for good causes, they want to change the way people think about porn. Currently, porn is seen as dodgy, barely legal, often fake, violent, and generally a bad thing. They believe that porn itself is not bad, but the people behind it aren’t great, so if they created a website that was used to help others instead of exploiting them, they could start a sexual revolution.Come4.org needs funding to exist though and they’re currently raising money through Ulule. They’ve got 46% of their goal and want to raise $12,049 which will be used to build the website. I for one hope they reach that goal, it’s good to see someone who wants to change what’s seen as a bad industry into a better one with the added bonus of saving a few pandas while they’re at it.Donate at Ulule, via Wiredlast_img

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