Colocate your Raspberry Pi in a massive datacenter for free

first_imgSo you’ve got a Raspberry Pi and you’ve been wanting to make it part of the cloud, but you don’t want to do it with your own internet connection? You’re in luck! The global hosting specialists at EDIS have come up with a rather clever new way to show its support for the RasPi project: offering colocation services for the diminutive computers at no charge.That’s right, it won’t cost you a thing. Well, apart from the money you’ll spend on shipping and the purchase of your Raspberry Pi.Once your Raspberry Pi has been delivered to EDIS in Austria, engineers will hook up power and drop in an ethernet cable. You’ll be provided with a 100MBit connection and 100GB of traffic each month. Need a physical reboot? No problem, EDIS will make it happen in 24 to 48 hours — and they won’t charge you for the assist.Your precious Pi isn’t stuck at EDIS once you send it away, either. If you decide you’d like it back for some additional hands-on tinkering, just ask for it back and they’ll ship it to you for €10 or less.Apart from the bandwidth allowance, EDIS has a couple other caveats. You’ll need to supply your own USB cable to provide power to your Raspberry Pi, and you can only use SD card or USB thumb drives for storage — cavernous external hard drives are not permitted.Still, if you’re looking for yet another low-cost way to play with your Pi in a different setting, EDIS’ free colocation plan might be just fit the bill.More at EDISlast_img

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