Sony spreads its reach with PlayStation Mobile Asus and Wikipad sign on

first_imgWhat’s a mobile gaming giant to do in 2012 when sales haven’t been meeting expectations? Expand its reach, of course — which is likely one of the main reasons Sony unveiled PlayStation Mobile at Gamescom 2012.PlayStation Mobile (PSM) is a cross-platform service that will deliver the same gaming experiences across a number of different devices. As you can guess from the image above, Sony plan to include its own hardware — like the PS Vita$364.71 at Amazon, Tablet S, and several Xperia smartphones — but PlayStation Mobile will extend to devices beyond those built by Sony, provided they’ve been given the stamp of approval. A trio of HTC phones — the One X, One S, and One V — are already Playstation Certified. Sony has already announced two more OEMs have now signed on: Asus and Wikipad.It’s a nice value-add for owners of Asus devices, many of whom already have already enjoyed additional gaming goodness on their tablets via Nvidia’s TegraZone. With Sony’s certification in tow, classic PS One games like Crash Bandicoot, Abe’s Odyssey, and Tekken will soon be available for time-killing, thumb-cramping fun.PlayStation Certification is an even better fit for the as-yet-unreleased Wikipad. Its clip-on controller features the same array of controls and buttons you used to mash while playing these games on your PSX, after all.Sony’s trumpeting a list of more than 80 third-party developers around the globe that have signed on to develop for PlayStation Mobile. There’s a dedicated download store (of course) coming soon, and Sony will be adding 30 new titles to its library for the grand opening. No specific date has been announced, but the store will open in Japan and the US before gradually rolling out to other countries.Full press release at Bloomberglast_img

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