Netflix went down for some seems OK now

first_imgDuring parts of yesterday and today video streaming service Netflix was unavailable to users. According to a record of Twitter complaints, some subscribers were unable to access the service as of last night and the outage persisted for some time, though things seem to be better now, at least based on our own testing (through the website and app). Twitter searches seem to confirm that the service is operational.As of this time there has been no official explanation posted on Netflix’s blog.This comes shortly after a number of Sony movies were removed from Netflix’s Starz Play streaming. That happened on Friday (and still persists), due to a contract dispute between Sony and Starz. And some people are still angry about the recent changes to the Netflix user interface, a change that generated over 5000 comments on the company’s blog.At this time is routing people to, where they will see their standard home page where streaming, browsing, queue controls, and other standard operations all are functional. This fix came through around 12:30am this morning.Given the recent hacks to PSN and other sites/services some people immediately assumed that Netflix had been hacked. As of this time there is no evidence of that.In the past Netflix has refunded customers who were affected by the site’s downtime. Outages have generally been brief so refunds have been small (for example a 3% refund on a monthly bill), but it’s something that users have greatly appreciated.Once the company releases an official statement on this outage we’ll learn more about what happened.via gigaomlast_img

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