Crysis 2 Story trailer brings the destructoporn we want more

first_imgCrysis 2 isn’t far off (the release date is March 22nd) and it has been a bit dinged up from last week’s full game leak but we’re still excited. Above is the “Story” trailer, in which the plot is set and you can get a taste of what to expect in the game. Basically something happened in 2020 on the Lingshan Islands (as you probably recall from Crysis), the weather got crazy, some sort of infection started spreading in Manhattan, and then New York was destroyed. In the game you run around NYC killing bad guys and blowing up whatever is left.Actually the games looks pretty sweet. They wouldn’t release a Crysis game without impressive graphics, and while the story looks like a mish-mash of The Day After Tomorrow and 28 Weeks Later (or any other zombie movie) I have to say I have a good feeling about this one. The game will definitely have some good action, the nano suit will be even cooler than before, and the setting will be great (if not a bit depressing for us New Yorkers). We’ll have to see how open-world they kept the game, as they was a primary strength of the original.AdChoices广告You can see the “Roag Rage” gameplay trailer here:via Crunchgearlast_img

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