THQ Unveils the uDraw GameTablet for the Wii

first_imgIf you thought that someone had already created just about every type of controller for the Nintendo Wii possible, think again: the new THQ uDraw GameTablet turns your Wii controller into a tablet with an attached digital pen that you can use to draw on screen, create your own art, control characters, or game with friends using any of the three games that currently support the device. The uDraw GameTablet ships with uDraw Studio, which is essentially a drawing app that gets you used to the controller’s features and lets you create your own drawings and paintings. The GameTablet also supports a THQ title called Dood’s Big Adventure, which lets you paint and customize your character and enemies, and control his motion by drawing on the tablet. The game also supports Pictionary, a party game that in this case plays out on your television screen instead of on pen and paper. The uDraw GameTablet will need a few more innovative titles to make it a must-have Wii accessory, but it’s definitely a fun little gadget that might make it in the holiday gift pile for kids or families looking for something to breathe a little life into their Wii. It’s available now for $69.99 retail price.last_img

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