EUTurkey Refugee Deal is Botched Job Says Spanish FM

Rabat – Spain’s foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo on Wednesday described the EU’s deal with Turkey to stem the influx of refugees as a “botched job”.Margallo blasted Europe’s “inadequate” response to its worst migration crisis since World War II.“This deal we have signed with Turkey, it’s a botched job,” he told the Cope radio station. “For Turkey to help us so that (refugees) do not come by sea en masse is good — before, they were risking their lives and criminal gangs… were benefiting from their misfortune,” he added.“But that does not mean that this is not a botched job, and it leaves the solution in the hands of a third country.” Under the deal, Turkey has agreed to take back refugees landing on Greek islands in exchange for political incentives including billions of euros in aid and visa-free European travel for its citizens.The Turkish agreement is the cornerstone of the EU’s plan to curb a crisis that has seen 1.25 million Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and other refugees enter since 2015.Margallo criticised EU efforts on refugees as “very inadequate” compared to countries like Lebanon, which has taken in more than a million people fleeing the Syrian war — equivalent to more than a quarter of its own population.With MAP

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