Over 14000 Syrian refugees treated in Moroccos makeshift hospital in Jordan

Amman – Some 14,460 Syrian refugees were treated in the Moroccan makeshift hospital in the Zaatari camp in Jordan last January.The hospital’s administration reports that children and babies come on top of beneficiaries of health care totaling 6,020 patients followed by women and men, 4651 and 3793 respectively.The different services of the hospital performed 21,589 medical services,  prescribed 10,645 free prescriptions and carried out 127 surgeries. Emergency services dealt during the same month, with 2,668 cases. Psychological support was also offered to 265 refugees in the hospital where 37 births were delivered.The hospital was set up on the Jordan-Syria borders to offer health care to Syrian refugees.The hospital has 32 doctors including specialists and has a minimal capacity of 60 beds.

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