Storm to Bring Heavy Rain

first_imgNova Scotians can expect heavy rain and strong winds beginning tonight, Oct. 21, and continuing Saturday. Environment Canada has issued a weather advisory that parts of the province can expect between 50 and 80 millimetres of rain. This could bring localized flooding. “We are asking Nova Scotians to do what they can to prepare for this storm,” said the Minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office, Zach Churchill. “Clear your gutters and the path to storm drains, secure any loose items in your yard, and ensure your emergency kit is ready.” Transportation crews have been working non-stop to repair and reinforce infrastructure in Cape Breton after last week’s flooding. Crews will be patrolling during the weekend to monitor roads, bridges and culverts to quickly address any potential issues as a result of rain this weekend. People are also reminded not to drive into flooded roads, obey roadblock signs, stay away from riverbanks and listen to local officials for further instructions. The Emergency Management Office is monitoring weather updates and is ready to respond to any situations that arise. For information and updates visit

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