Charlie Strong’s “I Baked The Cake” Quote About Tom Herman And Texas Is Being Mocked By Fans

first_imgCharlie Strong after being named head coach at USF.Twitter/@ESPNUCharlie Strong was fired at Texas after just three years, but he thinks he laid the groundwork for Tom Herman to win.During his introductory press conference as the new head coach at USF, Strong was naturally asked a few questions about the situation he leaves behind at Texas. He said he is grateful for the opportunity he had to coach the Longhorns, and even insinuated that he believes he left the program in a better place.USF’s Charlie Strong: “Though disappointed in the record, I’m very grateful for opportunity I had at Texas”— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) December 15, 2016Charlie Strong: “I baked the cake at Texas. Now it’s Tom Herman’s job to put icing on the cake & win a lot of games”— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) December 15, 2016Texas fans are pretty amused by Strong’s metaphor, and are having a field day in the responses to Brett McMurphy’s [email protected] that’s like when my wife tries to open a jar & can’t, then hands it to me to open & when I do, she says “but I loosened it!”— Stamp (@postage27) December 15, [email protected] I wish he would of learned how to turn the oven on!— Sam Elsaadi (@Samtheman_1982) December 15, [email protected] He bought the ingredients but then forgot the recipe.— Edullah (@keiraned) December 15, [email protected] @bevobeat nah you mixed the batter but forgot to turn the oven on— david skonieczny (@dskezsports) December 15, [email protected] MUST HAVE BEEN A EASY BAKE OVEN CAKE #kanas— Rick brown (@rickbrown0814) December 15, 2016Strong may very well be right. He brought some solid talent into Austin, and new coaches succeed with the last guy’s players fairly regularly. Herman recruited really well at Houston, but most of the guys he won with were holdovers from the Tony Levine era. So yes, Strong may have baked the cake for these first few years, and Herman may take advantage of that, but ultimately coaches only truly get credit for the wins they are on the sideline for. And if he wins big at USF, we don’t think he’s going to be giving away credit to Willie Taggart.last_img

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