The ultimate guide to tech topics

first_imgLast week when I presented at at the CCSNYS conference, I attended a great session by my colleague/friend/technology-mentor Beth Kanter on web 2.0 tools. Beth has a great way of explaining technology clearly and elegantly. I took a lot of notes on her session in order to blog it, but I quickly realized I’d be doing you readers a better service by pointing directly to her wisdom, in her own words. Check out the below resources. They will save you weeks of work and confusion. 1. What is web 2.0?? Check out Beth’s presentations on web 2.0 and fundraising2. What is Google Analytics? How do you track what people do on your website? Here’s a great primer on web analytics3. Need great pictures for your presentations? Beth explains how to use Flickr to do that. 4. How do you display a PowerPoint presentation online? Beth explains.5. What the heck is tagging and why do you need it? Beth gives you the scoop.6. Is your organization in Wikipedia? It should be! Beth links to this great primer on why and how.Thanks Beth for holding our hand on these and many other tech topics!last_img

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