Ask for online donations today. Really.

first_imgToday and tomorrow are the best days of the entire year to ask for donations online. So do it!At Network for Good, we see our giving spike to incredible levels in the last week of every year. That’s because online giving is perfectly suited to philanthropic procrastinators who want to get in their donations by the end of the tax year. Our giving is expected to go from about $70,000 on December 1 to well over $1 million a day for the final days of the year. Please send out a last-minute email appeal today and ask folks who have not given recently to make a year-end donation to your organization online. If you don’t have a way for them to give online, get a DonateNow button for free in five minutes at Network for Good. Or go to Network for Good, search for your charity, click on “donate” and then share that URL with your mailing list. Don’t delay – there is no better time to ask for support online.last_img

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