I’m YouTubing… take a message

first_imgThis is so funny, I can’t stop watching it. The Huffington Post loved it too.Check out more at PhilTube. After immediately asking me on the phone today if I was blogging, Phil later let on that “Hart + Larsson are the agency creative minds behind this PhilTube campaign and its brilliant execution.” That would be Phil himself.I think that like most great things that go viral, it cleverly captures a latent but widespread phenomenon just waiting to be creatively expressed. In this case, it satirizes what’s popular, what’s contrived on YouTube and the general foaming-at-the-mouth for all things web 2.0 — in a really original way. At least that’s what it means to me. And it’s funny. By contrast, last night, I spent a good 60 minutes on YouTube looking at nonprofit videos, and it was like watching public access TV. Most were at least six minutes long and about as fresh as a canned PSA from the 1960s. They looked so tragically unhip amid Borat and shrimp on a treadmill. Most had been viewed by about 12 people — about the number of staff at the nonprofits in question.I found only two I liked – one that wasn’t in English and this one:I like it because it follows some basic rules of the YouTube world:1.) Be authentic2.) Be homemade3.) Be original4.) Let someone else have the camera — a supporter, a beneficiary, whatever5.) Give up control — let that someone else say what they want6.) Give people a reason to watch and something easy to dolast_img

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