2008 ‘China Summer Wine Fair

second phase

2008 China summer Alcoholic Commodities Fair Organizing Committee Office two, eight July 2nd





2008 China Summer Wine Trade Fair Organizing Committee held its second meeting

7 at 1 am, the Organizing Committee of the Chinese liquor trade fair in the summer of held a working meeting in the city of, the Municipal Committee, vice mayor, executive director of the organizing committee, chaired the meeting of Xue Guangzhou.

the meeting identified the 2008 "July 1st afternoon held a China summer wine fair press conference agenda, through the discussion of the relevant documents issued by the press conference to" press release, including the word "," Wine Fair preparations for the progress of the bulletin "," Wine Fair regulations "," Wine Fair outdoor advertising management regulations "," wine trade exhibition management regulations ", and other matters of the press conference was arranged.


meeting also listened to the report on the preparation of the 2008 China summer Alcoholic Commodities Trade Fair and made a timely study of the problems in the preparatory work. The meeting called on the Organizing Committee of the working group in strict accordance with the general plan and the various groups of the work plan to carry out their duties, cooperate with each other to do a good job in the preparatory work of the fair, to ensure that the fair will be held successfully.

(Xining merchants and economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau)


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