The gradual implementation of the province’s government to social forces to buy public cultural serv

Reporter in January 8th from the Provincial Cultural News Publishing Bureau learned that our province will gradually implement the government purchase of public cultural services, to the social forces in the province in 2020, the government basically established a relatively complete system of public cultural services purchased from the social forces. To this end, the provincial cultural news publishing office in the provincial financial department, the provincial radio and Television Bureau, the Provincial Sports Bureau and other departments issued the "Qinghai Province on the government to buy the social forces of public cultural services implementation opinions", put forward, innovate government purchase model of public cultural services to the social forces, the establishment of "to be set for" interactive service menu mode, promote the supply of public cultural services and the cultural needs of the people for effective docking.

it is reported that the "opinions" to the socialist core values to lead, to further promote administration according to law, deepen the reform of the cultural system and the construction of modern public cultural service system, the transformation of government functions, and gradually establish a socialist market economy, public cultural service supply mechanism, provide more convenient, efficient and quality of public culture the service for the people.

"opinions" clear public cultural services, the purchase of the main body to undertake and purchase content. The purchase of the main is: undertake administrative organs at all levels to provide public cultural and sports services, included in the preparation of management and administrative expenses by the cultural and sports mass organization financial burden, also can according to actual needs, providing public cultural services through the purchase of service; to undertake the subject is: have the ability to provide public cultural services, in accordance with the law in the administrative departments of registration or registration the government approved the exemption from the registration of social organizations and institutions to meet the conditions, and the law in the business administration department in charge of industry or registered enterprises, institutions and other social forces; purchase includes: comply with the socialist core values theme, sing patriotic theme, carry forward the excellent national culture, focusing Chinese Dream Theme of the times. And the suitable way to take the market to provide social forces can assume public cultural services, process Publicity and public welfare, and take the initiative to open to the public.  

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