Disease emergency rescue system started in June

reporter learned from the provincial health department, the beginning of June 1st, our province will start the implementation of emergency relief system disease in the province, but no ability to afford emergency rescue personnel to carry out humanitarian emergency medical assistance, to avoid the "reasons for money to help and lead to serious consequences.

province will set up the province’s disease emergency relief fund, the initial size of 6 million yuan, raised by the various levels of finance, social donations and other channels to raise the amount of 10% by the end of. The use of the fund for what happened and can not identify the identity of patients unable to pay the cost of emergency; but a clear identity of patients unable to pay the arrears of the emergency expenses, which did not participate in the work-related injury insurance, birth insurance, basic medical insurance and commercial medical insurance and other types of insurance and unable to pay, and medical treatment can not occur in a road traffic accident emergency medical treatment rescue fund, city beggars medical aid fund, poor urban and rural medical assistance funds and other channels pay the cost of patients, the disease emergency rescue fund grant. The expenses incurred by the medical institutions for the emergency treatment of the objects may be applied to the emergency relief fund. Strengthen the management and supervision mechanism of emergency relief fund. The disease emergency rescue fund management by the provincial health department unified fund management, including aid verification and disbursement of funds; jointly by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, civil affairs department, the Provincial Department of Finance on the fund operation regulation. Washington (reporter Wang Zi)


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